Student | Developer | IT guy | Science, technology and space enthusiast | Dancer and lecturer

Czechnative, English≥ B2

.NETprimarily, Reactprimarily, PHPa lot, Javain self-defense and more




Working on:

The coding never stops, especially when it's also a hobby

Tanečního studia Kamily Hlaváčikové - v3

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The goal of this third version of the website is to give it a new visual design and to singificantly upgrade the architecture of the underlying code. This new design should be more modern-looking…

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This is my latest finished project. Be sure to take a look - it's undoubtedly something worth your attention


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noisee is the result of my thesis at Unicorn University , which explores procerdurally generated gradient noise (such as Perlin Noise ). It is an interactive visual interface which allows users to…

About me


My name is Michal Ciesla (pronounced [mɪxʌl cɪeslʌ], but for the first name, Michael is fine). I come from northern Bohemia (the Czech Republic) and am something what others would call "the IT guy".

I develop software as both a profession and a hobby. I'm interested in computer science, coding, feats of modern technology, space, and I know my way around several scientific fields. I studied computer science in both secondary school and college and currently I'm studying physics at a university.

I have been dancing (semi-)profesionally at my home dance school since 2010. This place has become a sort of second family to me and I've become a lecturer there in 2016. Thanks to dancing, I also taught myself how to edit music (I use FL Studio 20 to make music mixes for dance choreographies).

My favourite genre of music is EDM (House, Melodic Dubstep and similar), I admire singers of most genres, and sometimes I also like to listen to some atmospheric instrumental music.

Animated movies for kids are my favourite kind of movies and I am a fan of anime movies and short anime series (all-time favourites are Howl's Moving Castle and Your Lie In April).

In my free time I like to play some video games, such as Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Dyson Sphere Program or GRIS.

Michal was born
Primary School
Dance Life Begins
For 11 years hasTaneční studio Kamily Hlaváčikovébeen like second family to me
Stumbled upon Minecraft
A great game to spend some time in, have fun with frineds and stretch those creative and logic brain-muscles
First encounter with webdev

A photography and web development course taght me how to press a button, and also introduced me to HTML, CSS and JS.

First attempts at programming
Because modding Minecraft is cool
First professional experience
Unicorn University
(formerly Unicorn College)
First commissioned project
R3set for Learniga - an application for quick password resets at school
First developer position
Front-end developer @ TwoDo
Bachelor's degree
System Engineering and Computer Science (Thesis)
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University